Our Services

OM-3 provides clients with timely and efficient services that will help to protect and enhance their hydro and other renewable energy investments. Regular maintenance helps to prolong equipment life and achieve optimum performance for our customers, ensuring their investments are working for them.

OM-3 offer a full range of services, including plans tailored to the specific requirements of each scheme and its owner. This can range from basic compliance checks, to full management or scheme optimisation.


OM-3 Operations Services

Our operations services are designed to ensure the smooth running of your hydro scheme, giving you the remote and on-site skills to reduce downtime and maintain power production.

Periodic Inspections

OM-3 can undertake a daily/weekly/monthly  scheme inspection and checks.

Proportional Fault Response

Varying service levels to fault response available.

Plant Downtime Reduction

Through planned service and maintenance schedule.

HV System Monitoring

Monitoring of High Voltage Switching.


OM-3 Maintenance Services

Our maintenance focused services come from our years of experience in the industry, working with schemes of all shapes and sizes, giving us the knowledge and understanding to keep your scheme performing and producing. Keeping downtime to a minimum and increasing the lifetime of equipment helps to protect your investment.

Service contracts

Monitoring of service intervals and management of service contracts.

Personnel Management

Management & Training of onsite personnel.

Maintenance Schedules

Bespoke planned maintenance schedule, including pigging & screen cleaning.


OM-3 Monitoring Services

With advances in technology, we have devised a robust scheme monitoring service, allowing for real-time monitoring and in-depth reporting. This gives our trained team more information to make informed decisions about the service and maintenance intervals.

Remote Early Warnings

Active monitoring of warning systems.

Periodic Trend Reviews

In-depth monthly and yearly data analysis and reporting.

Performance Analysis

Data analysis for reduced downtime and better planned downtime.

Reservoir Inspections

Management of inspections and reporting of inspections.


In-depth flow monitoring and reporting for better performance analysis and real-time data.


OM-3 Management Services

OM-3 works with clients to provide specific management services to deal with all the challenging aspects of scheme ownership. An appropriate level of reporting provides a clear and concise view of the environment and financial aspects of your scheme.

Environmental Compliance

Management of compliance reporting including, post planning restoration conditions, fisheries surveys and abstraction returns.

Power Purchase Agreements

PPA contract negotiations and management.

Performance Conditioning Reporting

Appropriate level of scheme performance reporting and analysis.

Financial Performance Reporting

Detailed financial analysis of scheme performance.

Dam Safety

Management of risk assessments and inspections in accordance with the UK Reservoir Legislation.